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Worship: 4150 Chesswood Dr

Phone: 647.833.9744

Email: info@irctoronto.com

International Revival Church, Toronto was born out a vision that God has given to Revive today’s generation to the fullness of God. The word “Revive” in its simplest form means to make something that has fallen asleep or has become drowsy, come alive again.

We believe this is the time for the new generation to embrace Jesus and lead a life style of God. IRC’s goal is to lead the people of God in to a Revival that will break traditions and cross borders. Worldly traditions that creep in to the Church will make her week like it did in the past. We need to be here but we don’t need to adopt everything we see. There must be something different about Church.

Our Scope

Jesus said in His public ministry to the Scribes and Pharisees in Jerusalem, “Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? ...You made the commandment of God none effect by your tradition”. It is time for the Church to move in to God’s agenda and lead people to God’s purpose. For this reason Church must be established in the power of the Word and Spirit. Otherwise in this generation it is easy to fall away from the real purpose of God about Church and do the wrong things. Listen to what Jesus said, “Jesus answered and said unto them, you do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God”. IRC is established to follow the pattern of God by giving importance to the Word and the Power of God. This is not a Democratic church but a Theocratic body where His Authority is exercised, His Leadership is revealed and His Power is at work. When Christ is at work, people will be Encouraged, Strengthened, Inspired, Revived, Renewed, Restored, Edified and Empowered.

We are here to lead you to God’s agenda, train you for God’s purpose and empower you for God’s Kingdom. It is our prayer that the teachings and messages will help you in this and you will fulfill the purpose for which God send you here now. If we can be off any help to you please let us know.